Fa’a, like a musical note,
By his real name Guillaume Albert Fogoum is a multifaceted artist …
His recognizable technique is a kind of mixture between oil painting, acrylic, tempera and collage. No extravagance, the layout and decor are brought to detail ready by the expert: “My paintings are inspired by the abstract, only the portraits lean towards realism.” Today his name carries as far as an echo, and he explains the origin: “These are my initials! And more in my native language Fa’a means work. As a stubborn man he gives himself to his heart’s content, and he holds the bulls by the horns to fulfill himself. Moreover, his career attests

The painter becomes Designer
After graduating from the Mbalmayo Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) and returning to the city of Douala, “I had to find an activity that would allow me to finance my work, especially without selling it off. He says. Fa’a launches thanks to her older sister in computer graphics (2D). Then, he speaks for six years in a communication agency of the place, and managed to implant his brand in an arena dominated by the greatest of design and communication. But in his quest for knowledge, he s’ fly to Tunisia, and there it takes shape with computer graphics (3D). His teachers notice him and “some want to work with me. It’s all-cooked Fa’a, a tall brown man who likes his talent and his manners. He may be today the artistic director of a large box of the place, we face a cabinet of humility that has not finished surprising by his brushstroke.

To dare, to make a difference, to exist

«Every visual artist and every man must question and reinvent himself.This depends on the realities that surround him and his environment»That is why, for 2 years and a half, Fa’a discovers the world of the openings, a near or distant vision of a tomorrow that wants to be glorious while advancing with a sure step …”In the life of a Man, the question is generally asked: how would I like to finish my days? This question imposes so many paths and reflections …. hence the openings.Through these different windows, these choices that come to us … what choice to make?which road to choose? “Let yourself be immersed in this questioning and this turning point of our life, determining for you and for us ….

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